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Skunk Cabbage

Found Photograph.
(Highly commended in Off the Stanza poetry competition, 2017)

He smiles at the camera,
happy in the mountains,
relaxed, fun to be with.
One of the people
I will never meet.
I think I would like him
would sleep in his tent
on the edge of the sky.
Wait for him while he climbs
the last peak, cooking stew
in a small metal pot
over a calor gas stove.
At least not knowing him
I will never have to fear
he has fallen from a cliff
or been buried in an avalanche
never to be found.

A Crab in the Moon's Mouth by Elspeth Brown

Elspeth Brown. Freelance WriterElspeth now lives in Dunbar, East Lothian having previously lived in London, Wiltshire, Glasgow, Galloway and Edinburgh. She was born Elspeth Stewart and brought up in London by Scottish parents.
Her early writing was done between teaching and bringing up four children. She writes poetry short stories and plays.
 In 1980 she moved from Glasgow to the Old Station at Parton, in Dumfries and Galloway. One of her most significant influences has been working with the Solway Poets. There she also developed an interest in the Scientist, James Clerk Maxwell who is buried in Parton Kirk.
She continued to write during a sojourn in Edinburgh. Plays performed include “The Siege of Haddington,” in St Mary’s Church, Haddington. “Also Dynamo of the Twenty First Century,” a play about the life of James Clerk Maxwell performed at his birthplace in Edinburgh and Fringe Festival and also in 2002 a revised version called “The Spectrum,” with Andrew Dallmeyer playing Einstein.
Elspeth has done some editing and criticism and has run creative writing workshops.  Now in Dunbar she is working on a series of poems about the ecologist John Muir who was born there. She is also trying to complete a novel she abandoned a few years ago about a subversive group in the run up period to the Scottish Parliament. She is finding the writers and artists of Dunbar and the beautiful setting, a great inspiration.
Since its first publication by IDP publishing in July 2014 Skunk Cabbage has been launched in Galloway, during Big Lit day in Gatehouse of Fleet, The Scottish Poetry Library, Dunbar, The Rocks, The Isle of Wight and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Elspeth is now working on James Clerk Maxwell projects and building up another poetry collection. She is also working on a novel but this is taking a long time as it has been abandoned several times!
2017 Elspeth is working on a pamphlet concerning birds and industrial cranes often interlinked. She is still struggling with a novel concerning independence as change happens so fast in the Scottish political scene. She continues to publish poetry and short stories in anthologies and magazines and was honoured to have a poem in Scottish Pen anthology.

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