Elspeth Brown
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Skunk Cabbage

The Leucistic Blackbird on the Cambridge Backs Returning to Cambridge,
new buildings among old, town so familiar, so confusing. Punts pass me
as I sit on the river bank waiting to visit a sick friend, remembering past loves,
one the father of my children; this town so unsettling, so full of paths not taken.
A blackbird trills in the tree above me, a blackbird song,
but as he flies to the next branch I see his white head, his wings white striped.
A rare leucistic bird I hardly recognise, he flies into the Trinity grounds,
home of my summer Sundays now shut to me, open for alumnae and paying guests.
There the bird seeks worms unaware of his maverick looks.

I am glad he is not a magpie,
for my oldest friend lies seriously ill in Addenbrookes hospital.

Leucistic partially albino, very rare

Spectrum Markings26

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